My (Very Limited) ELF Collection So Far

Monday, 21 May 2012 16:32

I heard about Elf cosmetics on various blogs and YouTube channels and I had to try their stuff when I saw how cheap everything is to buy. I believe that you can purchase Elf stuff in certain American Drug Stores, but here in the UK we just have the online store ( I will run you through the bits I have and what I think of them!

Elf All Over Colour Stick- I bought two of these, in 'Pink Lemonade' (Far left in the above image) and 'Golden Peach' (Centre in above image). I actually really like these and I use the Pink Lemonade one as a blush every day. Elf's website suggests that the colour sticks can be used on either your eyes, lips or face, thought personally I don't think either of the colours I have would work on lips, far too frosty! They come in twist-up sticks and are a creamy kind of texture. They are really easy to blend into your skin and they stay on great. I use the peach one as an eyeshadow base and it's fab, doesn't crease at all! One downside that I will mention is that they are really delicate. Both of mine have snapped quite far down and so I can't quite twist them up and down very well. They still do the job though and for £1.50 each, you really can't complain.

Elf All Over Cover Stick- I own one of these in the shade 'Honey' (in the above image it is on the far right, next to my colour sticks). In hindsight I think I would've been better getting a lighter shade, but I do still use this. The consistency is actually a little different to the colour sticks, being much smoother and creamier. It is designed to be used as a concealer and I think the coverage is quite good! It smells just like the colour sticks, with a chocolate orange kind of scent- which is amazing! The cover stick was £1.50 from

Elf Brightening Eye Colour Quads- I have two of these, as shown in the image above. I have the shades 'Butternut' (left) and 'Drama' (right). I am in absolute love with these eyeshadows and couldn't believe that for just £1.50 you get 4 usable colours. I got 'Butternut' to create a natural look and they do just the job. I thought that 'Drama' would be good to create a more dramatic smoky eye look and again I wasn't wrong. The shadows are really pigmented and stay on really well. They are quite shimmery though, so I wouldn't suggest them if you are more into matte shadows. The shadows come with a double-ended sponge applicator, which I did try using but I preferred using my brushes instead to apply them.

Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pens- At £1.50 each again, I have the shades 'Hunter Green' and the ordinary black. At first I was amazed by these as they glided on so well and the colour was really intense. However, sadly my stance has changed on these a little as after around a month of using them perhaps twice a week each, they have run out! There is still some colour that comes out, but it is really weak and can't be built up at all so I am really disappointed after I was so pleased with them at first.

Elf Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF15- This is the gloss you see in the image above, I have the shade 'Juiced Berry'. The colour is gorgeous , although it doesn't show up very pigmented on the lips at all. The scent is also delicious- grape! The gloss is a little sticky but it stays on quite well I feel. The applicator is plastic and mine is a little scratchy which isn't too good and as a result I don't use it much which is a shame.

Elf Lipstick- The lipstick I have is from their £1.50 range and I got the colour 'Nostalgic' after hearing rave reviews about it online. It is a neutral colour that was recommended as a nude lip colour. The lipstick itself is good quality, it doesn't feel drying and is easy to apply and build up layers to get a stronger colour payoff. Unfortunately the colour doesn't look great on me as it clashes with my skin tone a little, but this is a personal preference and not Elf's fault! Below is a photo of it on my lip so you get a better idea of what the colour looks like. On the right person I think it is stunning!

There are a few other things I have but I haven't got them to hand that I might talk about in future, including a mascara and a lip balm. All of the products I have talked about can be purchased online from, go and check it out! :)

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  1. you've got nice items:) I followed you blog.
    You can check my blog at and follow if you want :)

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  3. The drama quad is on my list for my next order! Whats the staying power like?

    please have a look at my blog

    1. Good choice! Personally I think it's really good! I wear it with Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath and it stays on until I wipe it off at night :)


  4. A nice review of the elf products! And a nice selection of products. I also bought the butternut eye shadow quad to get a natural look. Might buy the drama once to experiment with smokey eye.
    Im sure you will be buying more and more because they are so affordable and good products to.
    Started following :)
    You can also take a look at my blog even though I just started it so only one post so far lol

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! :) I would really recommend the Drama quad, it does make a perfect smokey eye! I will definitely be buying more things whenever some money comes my way haha. I will take a look, thanks for sharing!xx


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