My Summer Nail Polish Picks

Friday, 15 June 2012 14:30

Quite a fun post to write today. I am going to show you some of my go to nail polishes at the moment and colours I'll be wearing over Summer, if the weather ever stays sunny!

To make it easier to distinguish which colour each one is I will split them into little groups. Here it goes!

Barry M Nail Paint- Left to right, 'Tangerine', 'Cyan Blue', 'Mint Green', 'Block Orange' and 'Flamingo Pink'.  Barry M takes up the majority of my nail polish collection, I just love the formula and the range of colours is second to none. For summer I think orange in particular is a perfect colour, as it is just lovely, bright and happy! Mint green is a colour that is really on trend at the moment, so it is definitely going to be one of my Summer staples. All of the colours in the above image are simple block colours, except for 'Tangerine', which is an orange with gorgeous yellow/orange shimmer.

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish- Left to right, 'Pulsating' and 'Green With Envy'. I mentioned these in my last post, my £1 bargain haul from Pound world (link here). They are both almost dual-chromed colours, the first is a gleaming hot pink that has blueish undertones and the second is a green that looks different under every light. I love them both as they dry so quick and are perfect Summer colours.

Models' Own Beetlejuice- Shade 'Indian Ocean'. This is a dual-chrome colour that has hints of baby blue, pearl and pink. It looks amazing on, see my nail of the day post in which I wore this here.

Sally Hanson Hard as Nails, Hard As Wraps- Shade 'Royal Red Creme'. This is a gorgeous staple red colour from my collection, but to me it is different from most reds. When dried, it gives the look of gel nails I feel and it goes amazingly well with a matte top coat. I also mentioned this in my previous £1 make-up post.

Ciate Paint Pot- Shade 'Purple Sherbet'. This is my favourite nail polish at the moment, the colour is gorgeous and speaks for itself- look at this link to see it for yourself!

Well, that's it for my Summer nail polish staples, I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know your Summer favourites in the comments, I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Love the tangerine colour! Really looking for an orange polish for summer this year! I also have that Ciate purple sherbet from the Marie Claire freebie and I love it too :)


    1. It's lovely! I recommend it :). Yep I got mine from the magazine too haha, I love a freebie :)


  2. Those look like they are very pretty for the summer!


  3. I'm a huge Barry M fan, the choice of vibrant colours is just fantastic and the price is really good for the quality. If I had to pick a favourite of the ones I've tried it would probably be Mint Green :-) Lovely post, I hope we get the weather for you to flaunt these summer nails! xxx

    1. Me too! :) The Mint Green is a lovely colour isn't it! Thank you very much :)xxx

  4. Barry M takes up most of my nail polish collection too, I really like the mint green colour :)


    1. There are so many lovely colours to choose from! :) That's one of my big favourites too :)xx


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