Sally Hanson Natural Beauty Lipstick: Review

Saturday, 2 June 2012 18:40

I am back from my holiday and have a backlog of posts to upload, so there might be a few going up in a short space of time, sorry haha! This first post is a quick review of the Sally Hanson Natural Beauty line Lipstick. Before seeing this in the shop, I thought that Sally Hanson was purely a nail care/polish company so I was intrigued and eager to try other products. I technically got this for 33.3p from Pound Land! It came in a clear packet with a lip gloss, a nail polish and this lipstick, all Sally Hanson and the three only cost me £1, which is unbelievable value.

There were different combinations of Sally Hanson products to choose from in these 3 packs, but I chose a packet that came with a pink lipstick as I was still on the hunt for a wearable everyday lipstick. I'm pleased to say I have found it!

The colour I have is 'Pink Blossom', which is quite a natural peachy-pink and is one of those perfect 'my lips but better' shades. I don't suit hot pinks and so I really wanted to try a more natural colour and this does the job perfectly. The lipstick itself is brilliant quality, it glides on and doesn't stick to the lines on your lips. Also, I find that the colour is good to build up and that one coat of this lipstick can look drastically different to three coats. To me this is a good thing as I can vary the intensity of the look depending on what I am doing that day! It doesn't have a scent, but this isn't something I was bothered about too much.

The image above shows how the lipstick looks on me after 2 coats. I have looked at the Sally Hanson Natural Beauty website ( and I can't find this product on there so I am guessing it has discontinued, but they sold it in 2 different Pound Worlds that I have visited in the last 2 weeks so if you are interested, I would get to one quick- it may take some rummaging through the shelves but for £1 you get 3 fantastic products which is amazing! They did sell the lipstick in various other colours too again in a 3 pack bundle with other Sally Hanson products. (I may write another post on the Lip Gloss and Nail Polish possibly- I don't know if that would interest anyone?).

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  1. A fellow beauty bargain Poundland hunter! ;)

    I picked this shade up along with two other products when they came into my local poundland and I have to agree with you - it truly is a beautiful colour. It's a shame that you can't/couldn't swap and change the other two products with it as I've found that I won't necessarily use the other two as they're either shades that I wouldn't use/don't suit my complexion. xxx

    1. Yeah, you have to do some rummaging but it is worth it for the bargains you can find! :) That's a shame about the other things you got, were they all lip colours? I got a nail polish and a gloss in the same pack as the lipstick so I got a bit lucky I think! xxx

  2. Ooh, that's lovely. I really want to try some of the Sally Hanson nail polishes, and now I want to try the lipsticks! I find that with some lipsticks, they don't 'glide' on, so that's a bonus! I hope they still have it in when I go and look for it. Hehe. Yes! Deffo do a post on the other products you got in the pack too! :) I love your blog xo

    1. Oh yes, definitely have a look for them and I will keep my fingers crossed for you! I am kicking myself for not buying a few more now :). Oh yes, I will do! I have it on my to do list haha :) Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it!xxx

  3. I also have 2 of these lipsticks, I think they're lovely!

    I got them off it's a random site really, have bits and bobs, I quite like it though :)

    Thanks for the follow Becky :)

    Amy x

    1. They are aren't they! I wish I'd got more colours! Thanks for the site, I will have to have a look :)

      You're welcome, I really liked your blog!

      Becky xxx


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