Scotland Haul: Make-up, Clothes and Accessories

Monday, 4 June 2012 18:51

As I posted last week, I've been on holiday to Scotland and got back home at the weekend. I bought a few things whilst I was there as is tradition when on holiday! We went to both Stirling and Glasgow, which were amazing for shopping. I especially loved Glasgow, the centre is gorgeous and full of quirky shops and the usual high street shops. Anyway, here's what I bought!

17 Miracle Matte Pressed Powder- I have been needing a good shine control powder for quite some time and after running out of my Rimmel Stay Matte powder a few months ago I hadn't yet replaced it. I decided to get a 17 powder after hearing great reviews from other bloggers and YouTubers and as you can see, I chose the Miracle Matte. It costs £2.99 from Boots which is really reasonable in my opinion, as you get a great deal of product and it even comes with a foam puff for application which most other cheaper end powders don't. The packaging is really compact and light and features a handy mirror which is perfect for carrying in your handbag for an on-the-go touch-up. The staying power is good, I have oily skin but only have to top it up after around 3 hours. As the name suggests, it does create a matte finish to my skin which is lovely!
17 Hide and Chic Concealer- I actually got this product for free at Boots with a voucher I printed from the Boots Advantage card machine which entitled me to get this product free with any other 17 purchase. It costs £4.99 to buy usually so I got a great deal! It is what I believe to be 17's answer to Touche Eclat, with a twist-top that dispenses the product onto a brush at the base for application. I really like this, it is marketed at people wanting to hide tired eyes and I think it does the job perfectly. I have been using Soap and Glory's 'Kiss Ass Concealer' recently and I completely love it, but I feel the 17 concealer does as good a job for half the price.

Topshop Crop Tee- This was a bit of a copycat purchase after seeing the white version on my sister and how nice it looks on her! I don't normally go for fitted crop tops, as I favour oversized crop tees that I can wear a cami underneath. However, I thought it would be nice for when the weather is really hot (not often then, haha!) and I loved the colour- a pastel orange with grey flecks. Perfect as orange is my favourite colour! You can buy it too for £8 from this link, it comes in a variety of colours from white to pastel blue.

H&M Black Cat Oversized Tee- This was £7.99 but I can't find a link to it online! I'm sure it will be on their site somewhere. It fits quite nicely, it is deliberately oversized and quite floaty as the material is like thin jersey. I am a crazy cat lady so I couldn't resist it!

Primark Necklace- This cost me just £2! I don't own any long length chain necklaces and have been wanting one to make some of my outfits look a little more sophisticated. I probably wouldn't wear it with the top I have on in the picture, but I wanted to show how long the chain actually is! It is a gold look chain with a collection of little charms such as locket hearts, beads, flowers and dangly chains. I really like it! For the price it is amazing, I would pay much more for it as the quality appears to be brilliant too.

Primark Earrings- I paid just £2 for this set, which as you can see comes with 6 pairs of nautical themed earrings. I was so excited about them, they are really colourful and fun which is very much my chosen style! They are all quite big on the ears, so they aren't quite tiny studs, but they are just what I wanted. I particularly like the fabric bows!

Primark Skulls Scarf- And finally, a scarf from Primark for £3. I know they aren't very original, but I love this type of skull scarf and think they always look really good with a leather jacket and that's essentially why I bought it! It's a chiffon type material and is square in shape, so it's easy to style and tie it how you like. I have a problem with buying too many scarves as you will all realise soon enough haha!

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  1. Those earrings are so cute! <3

    From Finland, with ♥,

  2. Love the scarf, I'll definitely be checking to see if they sell that in my local Primark :) Long necklaces are great I am obsessed with them, your one looks really pretty <3 x

    1. Aw yeah I hope you find it! They still have it in my local store so I am sure they will have it :). Thank you!xxx

  3. Hey, I love your blog! Check mine out? x

    1. Oh thank you! :) I will definitely have a nosy!xxx

  4. glasgow is ace for shopping - love the scarf! x


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