My MAC Pro Palette So Far!

Friday, 28 September 2012 11:35

I was so lucky to receive a MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette for my 21st birthday this year from my boyfriend's Mum and I am excited to share it with you so far (still a long way to go until it is full!). I love the idea of this palette, as it has empty slots so that you can fill it with whatever colours you like from MAC's eyeshadow pan range. The palette I own has room for 15 eyeshadow pans and my boyfriend chose every shade on behalf of his Mum- and I was so impressed with his choices!

I'm not going to review them all as aside from telling you the shades, there isn't much I can say apart from the staying power of them all is second to none and they are all beautiful. However, please do let me know if you want me to talk about any of them a little more and I will be happy to.

The palette I have is the 15 slot pro palette, which is £11.50 from The shadows are £10 each also from MAC's website.

Above from left to right: 'Trax', 'Sumptuous Olive', 'Humid' and 'Woodwinked'.

Above: Close-up of 'Trax'. This is a gorgeous purple shade with gold iridescence, which looks quite sultry and dramatic when on.

Above: Close-up of 'Sumptuous Olive'. This is possibly my favourite of the 4 I own, though it is hard to choose. It is as you would imagine a heavenly olive green, which has gold undertones in it which appear stronger in the light. I wear this so often, it goes perfectly with green eyes!

Above: Close-up of 'Woodwinked'. This is perhaps one of MAC's most talked about eyeshadow shades, as it makes a perfect component for a warm neutral look. I wear this all over my lid with black winged liner applied thinly,which is gorgeous for an everyday look.

Above: Close-up of 'Humid'. I hadn't seen this shade before I received it, but again it is perfect to go with green eyes. It is a rich, deep green that is really subtle when applied- just beautiful.

Finally, the swatches! From left to right- 'Trax', 'Sumptuous Olive', 'Humid' and 'Woodwinked'. I can't wait to add to my collection! Does anybody else have a post on their own Pro Palette? What shades do you recommend? Questions, questions!

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  1. Satin Taupe is amazing and I def. think you need that one! Sumptuous Olive is such a gorgeous color! Have fun filling up you palette! I'm working on mine as well :)

    1. Ohh I will have to check that out! Thanks for the recommendation! :D Hehe, thank you, if only I had the money to fill it now! Would love to see which colours you have, do you have a post on it? :)


    2. Not as of yet, bu I will when it's full up! ;)

  2. Gorgeous colours, i really want to try all of these, especially woodwinked :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. woodwinked is one of my favourites! love your blog :) xxx

  4. Sumptuous Olive and Woodwinked look gorgeous! Always been scared of green eyeshadows though.. don't know how to make them work..

    ps. had a look at your about me and I'm from Lancashire too ;) Northern love!

    1. They are lovely. Don't be scared haha! I just use a tiny bit and only go up as far as my crease line, then blend it out so it looks really subtle :). Ohhh exciting haha! Hello :D xxx

  5. These palettes are SUCH a good idea, much better than having to have lots of separte little pots or buying a palette where you don't get choice :-)

  6. I agree! It's great that you can choose all your favourite colours and have them in one place! :) xxx

  7. That's actually really reasonably priced for MAC! I need to get one of these :) love the olive colour, perfect for autumn.

    1. It isn't bad is it! It is lovely isn't it :) xxx

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