Merrell Yarra Boots- My New Best Friends!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012 15:22

I live in Huddersfield- which isn't exactly known for having a sunny climate. In the past few weeks it has rained so much and I soaked three pairs of shoes within the space of a few days, so I told myself to spend a bit of money (more than I would usually) and invest in a pair of really good winter boots. I looked around for ages trying to find some that combined style with comfort and practicality and I finally found some by the outdoor brand Merrell. I have some walking shoes by Merrell so I know that their shoes are beyond comfortable and when I saw that they did winter boots, I knew I had to have some! These are the 'Yarra' boots, which come in a variety of colours from grey to black. I got the colour 'Stone', which I would say fits somewhere between a chestnut brown and grey. They have a Polartech lining which makes them extremely warm and toasty, an Air Cushion insole for comfort and a sturdy rubber sole. They are also completely waterproof due to their suede upper material, so I no longer have to worry about getting my feet wet. They go really well with skinny jeans, leggings or even woolly tights and shorts which is perfect for me. They cost just over half the amount that the leather Ugg boots cost and they are kitted out with so many more features for comfort and practicality and I think they look just as good! I can safely say I will be wearing these 99% of the time during the Autumn and Winter months. I bought mine from Javari for £101.99 but their prices do change often, so check regularly for bargains.

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  1. Those are lovely! Scotland isnt the coziest place either, might need to get a pair of these! Been looking about for a pair xox

  2. Thank you! I really recommend them, they are the best shoes I've ever owned, hands down! :) Worth the money!xxx


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