Paperchase, H&M, Primark and New Look Haul

Friday, 12 October 2012 15:00

From the title of this post it sounds like I went on a made spending spree, but I assure you that I didn't! I just managed to find some extreme bargains from a few different places, that I am going to show you today. The first thing I have is a little random, as the rest are clothing/footwear, but I was so excited that I just had to show you:

I chose this particular organiser because not only is it really cute, but the diary section within it started from July 2012 and will finish in December 2013, so I could start using it straight away. For weeks I have been thinking about getting an organiser as I have possibly the worst memory in the world. It drives my boyfriend mad so he suggested I get a nice diary/organiser that will actually make me want to use it, as I have had diaries in the past that I use for a day and then forget about! This one is different! It has customisable sections, like addresses, diary, notes etc and you can buy extras and refills for it, which is just so handy. It's small enough to fit in my bag too which is perfect! They had many designs to choose from, all of which are gorgeous.

Now onto some clothing!

Black Artist Print T-Shirt- £2 at H&M

I am kicking myself as I have thrown away the label for this and can't remember what it is actually called- the design on the front is by an artist who has collaborated with the store to design a few items and I can't for the life of me remember their name! However, I loved the t-shirt and for £2 you just can't go wrong! It is a slightly strange shape, as it is kind of oversized/slightly cropped, but still fitted in certain areas if that makes sense? (sorry, I know it doesn't!)

Wolf Print Sleeveless Shirt- £6 from Primark

I was looking for a cheapish top to wear to London this week (I will be there when this post is published!) as I'm going with a few friends from Uni to visit some Art Galleries and visit Frieze Art Fest. This fits the bill! It is longer in the back than in the front so would look great with some leggings, although I am going to tuck it into some high-waisted shorts to dress it up a little. I just love the little wolves on the print! Here is a close-up for you:

'Pick Me' Flower Detail Pyjamas- £6 from Primark

I am one of those people who never has good pyjamas- I have one or two nice pairs and the rest are scratty old t-shirts and mismatching bottoms. So, I invested in these as they are such a bargain but also very versatile- the shorts are fleece! So whilst they keep you warm, you don't get too hot in bed which is fab! 

These were supposed to be £14.99 and they didn't have a sale sticker on them, but when I got to the till not only did I get 10% student discount, but an extra £5 was taken off too! I've since checked online and these are in fact in the sale, you can buy them for £9.99 which is such a bargain. They come in two other colours too- black and navy, but as far as I can see the other colours are not reduced in price. They are super comfortable, I could tell straight away from simply trying them on. I don't have any other shoes like this, as usually I am a Converse sort of girl, so I felt proud to have bought some 'grown-up' shoes haha! About time aged 21!

So, what do you think to my purchases? Have you spotted any bargains recently?

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  1. Great bargains, that is a cute diary! Also, i LOVE that top from H&M!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I am finding it quite entirely strange that i also bought shoes from new look today as well as a few other bits and bobs haha xxx

  3. Hi,

    I came across your blog from a blog hop and i am liking your blog! keep up the good work! ^^

  4. saw your blog on Beauty Bloggers Club Blog Hop, and I'm hoping you would follow me back as well :P


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