Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 'Rendezvous': Review and Swatches

Tuesday, 2 October 2012 16:13

Today I have another review for you, this time it is Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 'Renezvous'. I have already reviewed one of these, in the shade 'Lovesick', so I won't talk about the formula or product in too much detail but I will focus on the shade and what I think to it on the whole. Check out the other review here for a bit more detail.

'Rendezvous' is best described as a bright orange lip balm stain, which probably wouldn't suit everybody. Since buying it I must admit that it doesn't suit me and for that reason I hardly wear it anymore, though I have worn it a few times so I will still review it for you! The colour is actually gorgeous, the perfect bright pop of colour. The packaging is really nice and quirky, with a twisty bottom to push up more product. You get a huge amount of product for the price too, so this would last you ages even if applied every day.

I love the idea of the balm stains and find that the stain aspect does last a really long time without topping it up, however the balm aspect of this product does wear off fairly quickly- about 10 minutes or so for me. I don't think this shade feels quite as moisturising as 'Lovesick', but that isn't too much of a problem. If the colour suited me, I would love this as much as I love 'Lovesick', as the formula is just lovely. The balm aspect makes it apply beautifully and the stain lasts for ages as I mentioned before. On the right person this would look divine!

So there you go, fairly short and sweet but as I mentioned earlier, I have gone into more detail into the formula etc in the review for 'Lovesick'. You can get the balm stains from Boots or Superdrug for £7.99, bargain for an excellent product! Have you tried these? What do you think?

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  1. this is such a lovely shade! i already have 4 (romantic, smitten, lovesick, and honey) but i want to pick this one up along with sweetheart, and crush :)

    1. OhI am jealous of your collection! I would love both Sweetheart and Crush but I don't think we have Sweetheart in the UK! :( Crush looks gorgeous!xxx

  2. Such a shame that you don't wear it, I bet this would look gorgeous with a tan! Xxxx

  3. This is such a beautiful shade! I really want to try these out :)


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