Battle of the Dry Shampoo: V05 'Plump Me Up' vs. Batiste 'Tropical'

Friday, 30 November 2012 16:59

I have a slightly different post for you today, a comparison between V05's 'Plump Me Up' dry shampoo and Batiste Dry Shampoo in 'Tropical'. I've been using Batiste for years, since I was about 10 years old! I am new to V05 products but have test driven their Dry Shampoo a good few times now, so I feel qualified to do a little comparison review for you all!

Firstly, packaging. Batiste's packaging has a gorgeous pattern and colour scheme that it unique to each scent and there are 14 scents/varieties available, including tinted dry shampoos for blonde, red and brown hair. V05'S Dry shampoo comes in two varieties; 'Plump Me Up' and 'Refresh Me Quick' and both feature V05's distinctive simplistic hot pink packaging. Both products come in spray bottles that are conveniently sized (small enough to slip into your handbag!). Batiste comes with 250ml of product and also comes in larger bottles, whereas 'Plump Me Up' comes with 200ml of product.

Batiste's 250ml bottles cost £2.99 but can often be found included in bargain deals, so it is worth keeping an eye out for them in your local drug stores. 'Plump Me Up' costs £3.59 from Boots, so the prices are pretty similar for the amount of product you get.

In terms of scents, it is so hard to choose a favourite between these two! The 'Plump Me Up' has a gorgeous fruity scent that lingers for most of the day after application. Batiste's 'Tropical' scent has strong notes of coconut, which instantly makes me think of summer and holidays abroad! The scent of Batiste also lingers throughout the day, which I think is great for those days you haven't washed your hair.

Now, onto the important part- how well do they work at de-greasing hair? Batiste has always been a firm of mine for the lazy days where my hair is neglected. I have hair that naturally gets greasy really quickly and Batiste has been a life saver over the years. A few sprays at the roots with Batiste refreshes my hair for hours. However, I usually top it up later in the day for an extra boost. I am actually beginning to think that V05 does a better job of keeping my hair refreshed however. Batiste does do a fantastic job, don't get me wrong! But recently I find myself reaching for 'Plump Me Up' more- I don't need to top it up later on in the day.

V05's 'Plump Me Up' is also supposed to add volume to hair and I find that it definitely does. However, I also think that Batiste does an equally good job of adding volume. I have noticed that with both products, the volume doesn't last for very long. This could be due to my lank, thin hair type though. One thing I have noticed is that Batiste's white residue is a little harder to shift than the residue for V05, but some good 'jujjing'  of your hair solves that problem.

Finally, my verdict! I love both products hugely and couldn't do without them. Batiste has been a fab fave of mine for years and I am new to V05's alternative. However, I think that the 'Plump Me Up' wins for me, although it is such a close call!

What do you think to these products? Have you tried both of them?

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  1. I did a similar post to this, i have always hated Batiste for no reason and i swear by the VO5 dry shampoo, i loovelove it! Great post :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Ohh did you? Do you have a link so I could read it please? :) Thank you!xxx

  2. Such a great post idea I love it!
    I have a feeling I need to get my hands on some Plump me up!
    Mind you the smell of coconuts may just sway me towards Batiste!

    1. Thank you! :) Batiste does have some great scents it has to be said! xxx

  3. I have really thin hair too, and this sounds great for refreshing hair and giving me the volume that I've been looking for! Thanks for this x


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