Nail of the Day: Nails Inc. Elizabeth Street

Thursday, 29 November 2012 14:50

I have another nails post for you today! This time I am wearing a Glamour mag freebie from the December issue, which is Nails Inc's 'Elizabeth Street'. I love the colour in the pot but I'm just not sure if it suits my skin tone? Also, the picture has made me realise how dry my cuticles and sides of my nails are- winter loves to attack my skin these days! If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of the dryness around my nails during the winter I'd be so grateful!

What so you think to this colour?

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  1. I love this colour :) Makes my nails look all clean and healthy haha. My hands are really dry at the moment too! Maybe try some kind of cuticle oil? Should be more nourishing :) xx

    1. Yes I think I might, thanks for the suggestion! :) xxx

  2. This is a great colour, nice nails too :), xoxo.

  3. Love the colour!! New follower here! Found you via BBU blog hop :D

  4. i think this shade is really gorgeous :) x


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