Review: New CID I-Flick Double Ended Liner

Wednesday, 7 November 2012 19:17

Today I have another review for you, of a product I am really excited about: the New CID I-Flick Double Ended Liner. I was kindly sent this product to review by Hairtrade, but you can buy it from the Hairtrade website here for £16.64 (The RRP is £18.50!). Here is what Hairtrade say about the product:

"A black liquid eyeliner that has a capillary system brush which allows exactly the right amount of eyeliner to flow through the brush and be applied to the eye. With a built-in, retractable kohl pencil at the other end, applying eyeliner has never been easier."

As you may have gathered from the make-up looks I have posted on my blog in the past, I can't go a day without wearing eyeliner and I tend to use a liquid liner felt tip for my top lash line and a kohl for my waterline. When I saw this product, I thought it was the perfect thing for me as it has everything I would want from an eyeliner rolled into one- and it hasn't disappointed me.

As you can see, this eyeliner has two ends, each of which with a different eyeliner. One end (the left hand side in the above image) has a liquid liner brush tip pen, whilst the other end has a retractable kohl pencil. The liquid liner side has a soft brush tip, unlike most felt tip liners which tend to be a little stiff sometimes. New CID's website taught me that this is because the liner has a 'capillary system brush which allows exactly the right amount of eyeliner to flow through the brush and be applied to the eye'. I think this is such a good idea, especially for people like me who can be a little heavy handed sometimes.

The kohl end of the liner is perfect, it glides on and has a soft, creamy texture. It has a twist-up applicator to reveal more product and the amount of product you get is really generous. As you can see below, both ends of the eyeliner are black but not too black- so the eyeliner can be used sparingly for a more natural look, or built up/pressed on for a more dramatic look.

Top- Liquid liner end, Bottom- Kohl liner end

I have included a few pictures of my eye from earlier today, as I wore both liners. As you can see, I used the liquid end for my upper lash line and to create the flick, then I used the kohl to line my lower lash line. I was really impressed at how easy the eyeliner was to apply, both ends glided on so easily with no uncomfortable drag.

Also, the liquid liner stay put all day without flaking which is excellent. I had to reapply the kohl on my lower lash and water liner around lunchtime, as I had blinked it off a little, but this isn't a problem at all and it didn't give me the dreaded panda eye effect which is even better.

So, there you have it! Have you tried New CID cosmetics before? Do you recommend any of their other products?

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  1. you have such lovely green eyes! this eyeliner really makes them pop!
    i really have a love/hate realtionship with eyeliners though, i find pencil eyeliners need constantly reapplying so i use gel eyeliners :) xx

    1. Aw thank you! Yes pencil ones can definitely be a bit hit and miss! I have tried 1 gel liner and think it is really good! :) xxx

  2. This looks like a really good product. Bit out of my price range unfortunatly. Your eyes look gorg the eye make up makes them really stand out.


    1. It is more than what I would usually spend, but I actually think I would repurchase after trying it! I would have to save up a little though haha:) Aw thanks lovely xxx

  3. I love the loom of this, I do need a good eyeliner to do flicks as I am pretty useless with gel liners! x


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