Summer Fashion Haul: Feat. Topshop, Republic, Yumi and More!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 10:00

As I am a student coming to the end of my final year, I haven't had much money to spend on clothes and so I couldn't remember the last time I bought any clothes before this week. However, I recently sold a lot of old clothing on Ebay and other things, to raise some money to update my Summer wardrobe- something that was desperately needed! I will talk you through the purchases I made, but be warned: there is quite a lot and therefore lots of pictures! Where possible I will post links to the items, if you see anything you'd fancy for yourself:

Belted Bird Print Dress- Yumi- £22.99

I've never been one for wearing dresses during the day, so I don't own very many at all. Yumi is a gorgeous shop in York (though there are a few in the chain around the country) and I always wish I could buy the entire shop whenever I visit; everything sold there has gorgeous quirky prints and designs that are hard not to instantly fall in love with. This bird print dress was no exception, so I took the plunge and bought a summer dress, a big deal for a jeans lover like me!

Crop tops are one of those things that I am always a little wary of, as I don't feel super confident when flashing my stomach in public! However, this crop top is a kind of wide/oversized style, which means I only show a little bit of stomach which makes it much more wearable in my eyes. I love the colourful design and feel that it could be a good staple for summer nights out or everyday wear.

Black Disco Pants- Glamorous at Republic- £29.99

I have to admit that I only tried these on in Republic because I was curious to see if they really were as flattering as everybody says- and I was shocked to discover they really are! They are high waisted which makes them really comfortable to wear and they really suck you in and smooth you out (interesting sentence!). Personally I think they aren't too shiny to wear in the daytime, dressed down with an oversized t-shirt for instance. Also, they are a fraction of the price of American Apparel's orginial disco pant which is a huge bonus.

White Leopard Print Tee- New Look- £8 (Sale)

I knew that I wanted to buy some nice and easy to wear t-shirts for the Summer and I spotted this in the New Look sale and couldn't resist. It has cute leopards all over it! Could there be a better t-shirt?

Aztec Print Tee- Miso at Republic- £12

This t-shirt is a really flattering fit, kind of oversized and boxy but still feminine. They had it in 3 colours but I felt the grey would go with more outfits. They also had midi dresses in the same print for £16 if anybody is interested!

Bleached Denim Leggings- Topshop- £22

I've been missing a good pair of jeggings for a while now so I felt it was time to invest in some. These ones from Topshop are so comfortable to wear and don't cling too tight as some leggings can often do. They are the perfect wash of denim for Summer and would go with almost anything. I also like to turn them up a little at the bottom to transform them into slightly cropped leggings, making them even better for the hot weather when the sun makes an appearance!

Pink Roll Sleeve Tee- New Look- £4.99

I have this on today so I had to photograph it on! This t-shirt is just a great basic that would go with anything. The price is fantastic for the quality and the fit is lovely, not too clingy! It also comes in a few other colours including blue and black.

In the past I had never really spent more than £15 on sandals for the Summer, but I have always found that they are not at all comfortable; not padded and just not pleasant to wear. So this year I thought I would spend a bit more to get a nicer pair that might be a little more easy-going on my feet. These feel perfect as they have a little padding and they have backs to them, meaning that your feet don't try and make an escape from them as they often do in sandals! 

The final thing I bought was just a pair of cropped New Look leggings for £7.99, but they were just basic black so I didn't photograph them. I hope you enjoyed reading and thanks for sticking with me if you have read this far!

I'd love to know what you all think to my purchases?

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  1. I love those sandals honey! I've been wanting some like this for my holiday :) quite a fair price too! X

    1. I'm glad you like them! :) I can definitely recommend them for the price! Xxx

  2. I absolutely Love the leopard tshirt! It's so cute :)
    I've been wondering about disco pants aswell and if they are actually as flattering as they look, wondering whether to take the plunge..? x

    1. Thanks lovely! I had been wondering for ages but they actually are! I think they would suit almost anybody! :) xxx

  3. Ah disco pants! I have yet to try on a pair and hopefully can soon. I also really love that 'vintage' crop you got!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

    1. I recommend them! I think they'd suit anybody! :) thanks lovely I'm glad you approve :) xxx


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