Miners Cosmetics: Fresh Faced Foundation

Monday, 21 October 2013 13:20

Today's post features a product I have grown to really love- Miners Cosmetics Fresh Faced foundation*. I was really excited when these beauties landed on my doorstep as I have loved Miners for a long time but had never tried one of their foundations. 

There are three shades available, which isn't a brilliant amount of choice I know, but the 'Ivory' shade matched my skin perfectly and is now one of my regular go-to foundations.

Left to right: Almond, Buff and Ivory shades

The scent of the product is gorgeous and does linger subtly on your skin and this is one of the first things I noticed about the product. The second thing I noticed was the unique texture. The texture is quite unusual in that it does feel quite thick, but is quite wet to touch. It applies smoothly and evenly and doesn't feel as though it weighs your skin down at all.

I thought the coverage was quite light, which makes it a brilliant foundation choice for days you don't want to wear heavy make-up and it would be perfect for the warmer months.

The foundation does have good staying power, although I did set it with powder as I prefer a really matte finish. This product does leave a matte effect on your skin but I like to add that extra layer of protection.

Miners Cosmetics Fresh Faced foundation is available for £4.99 from www.minerscosmetics.co.uk, which I think is a bargain as it is around half the price of most high street foundations!

Have you tried it? What do you think?

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