MAC Lipstick in 'New York Apple'

Sunday, 11 January 2015 15:37

    Today's post is one I'm quite excited about and have been meaning to write for a while! Like most of the beauty blogging world, I have a real weakness for MAC lipsticks. I now own 4 and I'm really keen to grow my collection. This post is going to be a mini review of the shade 'New York Apple'.

    'New York Apple' is a beautiful red-toned plum with strong metallic shimmer. It really is quite a unique colour, I don't own anything remotely like it in my entire lip colour collection. The finish is 'Frost', which is admittedly not my favourite of the MAC finishes as it isn't as creamy as I would normally like. However, I don't think this shade could have worked in any other finish and it means the colour is a little more muted than you might think from looking at it in the bullet.

    The formula is quite nice, it feels quite light to wear. However, it isn't great at staying put so if you wear this shade you have to be prepared to touch it up throughout the day. All things aside, I really like this lipstick! The colour is gorgeous and perfect for this time of year. 

What do you think? Which shades of MAC lipsticks have you been loving recently?

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  1. New York Apple looks like it's such a gorgeous shade! I've only bought two MAC lipsticks and they're both lustres so I think I need to venture out my comfort zone and try some of the other finishes! xo

    1. It is a lovely unique colour! I've never tried any of the lustre finishes so I'd be really interested to know what you think to them? :)



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