Benefit Mascaras- Mini Reviews and Comparison

Monday, 4 January 2016 10:00

I have a slightly different post today- a comparison of three Benefit mascaras. I've loved Benefit mascaras for a while and they swiftly made it to the top of my all time favourite mascaras list. I received a full size Bad Gal Lash mascara for Christmas a few years ago and have since acquired miniature versions of all three Benefit mascaras, so I feel equipped to compare them all side by side and hopefully help anybody thinking about buying one of them to take the plunge!

From left to right- 'They're Real!', 'Bad Gal Lash' and 'Roller Lash'.

One of the biggest differences between the three mascaras is of course the wands. It is often said that the wand can make or break a mascara, and different sizes, shapes and materials the wand is made out of can have a huge impact on how they make your lashes look. 

Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara has a long rubber wand that has a subtle flex to it. The bristles are are same length apart from some smaller ones at the end, which are designed to reach even the smallest lashes closest to your inner-eye. 'Bad Gal Lash' features a thick brush wand that is slightly tapered at the end, again to reach the smaller lashes. The newest mascara of the three, 'Roller Lash', has a curved rubber wand with varied bristle size, to act like a traditional hair roller for your lashes!

The formulas of all three mascaras seem very similar to me. I would say that 'Bad Gal Lash' has a slightly drier formula than the other two however.

The end results of the three mascaras are startlingly different, as demonstrated below:

'Bad Gal Lash'- The end result of this mascara is actually fairly natural. My lashes look thicker and longer, but not dramatically so. This is a great mascara for wearing every day. My only slight downside is that you do have to work at brushing this one onto your lashes a little more, as the brush applicator sometimes doesn't capture all of your lashes.

'They're Real!'- I love how dark my lashes appear when I use this mascara. The long rubber wand catches all of my lashes with ease and makes them appear much thicker and fuller than usual. I also find that this mascara is buildable, so if you are looking for a really dramatic look, you can achieve this by applying more than one coat.

'Roller Lash'- This is my favourite end result and I think you can see why in the picture. The unique curved wand really does act like a roller, capturing all lashes however small and curling them outwards, giving the illusion of longer lashes. I also find that my lashes appear much more defined, which I believe is down to the rubber wand design.

To conclude, I love all three of these mascaras and think that they are all worth the money! You can achieve drastically different results with all three mascaras, but all of them improve my natural lashes immensely. If I absolutely had to choose one, it'd be 'Roller Lash' do to the astonishing lengths it helps my lashes to achieve!

What do you think? Do you have a favourite out of the three?

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  1. I had the mini of They're Real mascara and I tested out the Roller Lash in Sephora. Far as those too I liked They're Real better, but didn't like how it made racoon eyes when after washing my face. I love the look of Badgal thought, it's more a lighter look how I like my mascara to be. This is a great post !!!

    Katie |

    1. I do agree, 'They're Real!' Is really difficult to remove! Thanks for reading :)

  2. OOh this was really helpful, really want to try Roller Lash :)

    Sophie x


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