MAC Lipstick in 'Russian Red'

Monday, 11 January 2016 20:07

Slowly but surely my MAC lipstick collection is growing! I recently had a bit of a spree and bought 'Russian Red' and 'Twig'. Today's post is going to be focused on 'Russian Red'.

I'd heard so much about all of the different red lipsticks MAC has to offer, so I found it quite difficult to make a decision on which one to take the plunge for. In the end it was between 'Russian Red' and 'Ruby Woo' and I loved both of them! I decided to go for the former as I tend to find deeper, darker reds suit me a little more than the more orange toned red shades. This one fit the bill perfectly and has fast become a staple for those nights where I want to make an effort with my make-up.

'Russian Red' is described on MAC's website as an 'intense bluish red' and I think that sums it up perfectly. It looks quite dark in the tube and does appear to be a deep red when applied. I love to wear this lipstick teamed with a dramatic smoky eye, which lends to it's intense style perfectly.

The finish is matte, which did make me a little nervous at first. I had heard that the more matte shades can draw attention to any imperfections on your lips, but once I had tried applying it I didn't find this to be a problem. There is a very retro 60's feel to the finish which I just love and the staying power is great. I tend to wear 'Lipcote' over the top of this lipstick to help lock it in place, but I think it would still last pretty well on its own throughout the day.

It's definitely another winner for me! I would still be keen to try other MAC reds in the future, but I'm not sure they could quite live up to this one for me!

What do you think? What are your favourite MAC lipstick shades?

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