Glitter Unicorn iPhone 5C Case by Skinnydip- I'm in Love!

Sunday, 21 February 2016 12:00

Skinnydip Glitter Unicorn iPhone 5C Case

I love collecting cases for things- especially when it comes to my phone. I have the iPhone 5C in pink and I can't carry it anywhere without a case. When I first bought my phone I struggled to find nice ones that were well made and that I would trust to keep my phone safe if I dropped it (as let's face it, this happens all the time!). However, about a year ago I spotted the brand Skinnydip whilst I was browsing through Topshop. They had so many gorgeous phone cases, including one or two for the iPhone 5C. I chose a clear one with cute blue dinosaurs on which was £12 and I've since had a clear one with llamas on too, which I believe was the same price. Both cases were great and kept my phone safe without a single scratch!

However, recently I've seen more Skinnydip case in Topshop that are all singing, all dancing! My most recent purchase is this gorgeous clear case with pastel coloured unicorns. The best bit about this case for me is that it has moving glitter and heart shaped sequins inside! I haven't stopped playing with it since I bought it (yes, I am 24 years old and way too old for getting so excited about this!). It is slightly thicker than the ordinary Skinnydip cases, but it is still lightweight and if anything it feels a little more durable.

This was £18 and worth every penny in my eyes! You can buy it here. What do you think?

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