Nail of the Day: Sensationail Sheer Pink French Manicure

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 12:00

Sensationail French Manicure Sheer Pink

Sensationail French Manicure Sheer Pink

Since investing in my Sensationail Kit about a year ago, I've used it almost every time I wanted to paint my nails. The manicures last up to a month on my nails, so I am always keen to branch out with my collection of gel polishes. I'm getting married in June and will be doing my own nails and I decided a while ago I would try and do my own French Manicure. This weekend I invested in the Sensationail French Manicure set in 'Sheer Pink' and I tried it out on my own nails.

The set came with a gorgeous sheer base colour called 'Babydoll Pink', a white polish for the tips and also some sets of peel-off french tips as an alternative. I decided to try creating the tips myself with the white polish, but I'm sad to say I'm not very good at them at all! I found it really difficult to get an even line on each nail and found the polish really difficult to control. I will definitely keep practicing, but if anyone can give me any tips on creating neat white tips I'd be hugely grateful!

What do you think to my first attempt? Do you have any ideas on how to create a neat French tip?

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