Shoes to Say 'I Do': Irregular Choice 'Smartie Pants'

Tuesday, 1 March 2016 21:01

Irregular Choice Smartie Pants Cream

It feels like yesterday that my wedding was still two years away and now it is a scary 3 months away. We are now starting to plan the finishing touches, including the shoes I'll be wearing on the day. 

I always knew that my bridal shoes would be from my favourite shoe brand, Irregular Choice. For months I've been looking at the whole collection, as you could wear pretty much any pair of shoes from Irregular Choice and they'd look gorgeous with a wedding dress! This particular pair caught my eye from the beginning. They are the 'Smartie Pants' shoes in cream, which can be bought here for £79.99. They have so many gorgeous little details, from the sparkly heel to the gorgeous patterned sole, I just couldn't resist them. 

I decided to buy the shoes from the Irregular Choice store in Leicester, as I wanted to try them on before I took the plunge. They are surprisingly comfortable for high heels and they fitted perfectly! The store experience was lovely too, the girls in there were so helpful and friendly so I felt at ease immediately.

What do you think to my choice? Have you got any Irregular Choice shoes in your collection?

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  1. Ahhh, Becky, how exciting. Those shoes are gorgeous. I'm getting married myself in 2018 eck! xx

    A British Sparkle

    1. Thanks lovely! How exciting, congratulations to both of you! :)

      Becky xxx


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