Apple iPhone SE 64GB Rose Gold Unboxing- In Pictures

Thursday, 21 April 2016 12:00

Today's post is something a little different for me. This week I had my new phone delivered, which is the iPhone SE 64GB in Rose Gold and I thought I'd share some pictures and first thoughts, to hopefully help anybody thinking of taking the plunge and buying one for themselves. Personally, I absolutely love watching un-boxing videos and reading first impression posts when I'm researching a technology purchase, so hopefully this will be interesting or useful to somebody out there! 

Apple iPhone SE 64GB Rose Gold Unboxing

Apple iPhone SE 64GB Rose Gold Unboxing

Apple iPhone SE 64GB Rose Gold Unboxing

Apple iPhone SE 64GB Rose Gold Unboxing

Apple iPhone SE 64GB Rose Gold Unboxing

Apple have stepped back to a classic iPhone design with the SE, using the same design as the iconic iPhone 5S which was released a few years ago. The design is smooth and sleek and it feels super sturdy to hold- just as sturdy as my old 5C, which surprised me! The SE comes in four different colours- Silver, Grey, Gold and Rose Gold. Being the typical girly girl I am, I plumped for the rose gold one and I was not disappointed! It's just beautiful and i'm a little sad I'll be covering it with a protective case soon. Although the design is taken from the iPhone 5S, the power and features are more akin to the iPhone 6S, which has a considerably higher price point.

As always with Apple products, the packaging is something so special and opening the box is so exciting! Along with the phone, you get a USB charger and the Apple ear buds with mic and volume control. Everything comes wrapped so neatly that it almost seems a crime to remove everything from the box. The ear buds sound great and the design looks good, but sadly they are that little bit too big for my ears!

Compared to my old iPhone 5C, the iPhone SE runs like lightening. I've never experienced a faster phone- everything loads quicker than the blink of an eye, even with several applications running. You can choose from 2 storage sizes- 16GB and 64GB. I went for the 64GB as I'm going to finally move from a separate iPod to having all my music and apps on one device, but 16GB would be more than enough if you don't want much music on there.

The apps it comes with pre-installed are really impressive and better than my old 5C. Garage Band and iMovie come as standard, which is great for any YouTubers out there! The camera is 12MP which creates insane quality photos. I've been trying it out in a dimly lit room and it copes so well, this is definitely one of the biggest perks of the SE. I can't wait to start Instagramming with it!

I hope this was useful, if anyone has any feedback at all that would be greatly appreciated.

What do you think? Is the iPhone SE taking your fancy too?

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  1. Heyyy xx

    I'm deciding if I should get one or not. Should I? This makes my love for the SE even stronger <33

    Loving your blog! Xx


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