Wishlist: Skinny Dip Phone Cases

Friday, 15 April 2016 12:00

One of my guilty pleasures in hoarding phone cases. I know that i'm not alone in this little obsession these days and so I wanted to share my current wishlist for any like-minded case obsessives! Skinny Dip is my favourite brand to buy cases from at the moment, as I love the quirky designs and slimline design. They are also really protective and do a great job of preventing scratches on my phone. I recently blogged about my current favourite phone case for my iPhone 5C here for anyone interested. I'm hoping to upgrade to the new iPhone SE soon, so I've been scouring the Skinny Dip website for my next purchase. Here is a little selection of my favourite cases for the SE/5/5S at the moment:

Skinny Dip Phone Case iPhone 5 SE/5/5S Wishlist
From left to right:

Coral Iridescent Glitter Case- £18- I'm a sucker for anything with glitter, so a case with glitter that moves around is a dream come true for me! I love the coral colour too.

Gold Arrow Case- £12- This pattern is so on trend at the moment and paired with the gold this would definitely make your phone stand out from the crowd!

Sheepy Case- £12- I love pastel colours, as you might be able to tell from my blog theme! I also love anything animal related, so I just love this case. The sheep are so cute!

Iridescent Glitter Case- £18- This is another liquid glitter case. The pearlescent blue and pink colours are beautiful, I'd definitely be playing with this case all day if I had it on my phone.

Angel Caticorn Case- Sale Price £7.50- I'm obsessed with anything cat related and if you cross a cat with a unicorn you would definitely have my attention! The print is so cute and it has googly eyes, so again this is another case I'd struggle not to play with.

That's it! I know this is a slightly different post to usual, but whilst window shopping for my next case I thought why not share my top picks? I haven't been sponsored by Skinny Dip to write this post, I'm just a very big fan! What do you think? Have you tried anything from Skinny Dip?

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