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Tuesday, 14 March 2017 16:00

Fitbit Charge 2 Plum Blog Review

I first jumped onto the Fitbit bandwagon a couple of years ago when I bought my first Fitbit Charge. I loved it, but the build quality wasn't great and I had to get it replaced on two different occasions when the strap came away from the tracker itself (although Fitbit's customer service is so good, it was so easy to get a replacement for free with no hassle). The second replacement I was sent was a Fitbit Alta, which was brilliant and looked so neat, but I recently treated myself to an upgrade and plumped for the Charge 2 in 'Plum'.

For those new to the brand, Fitbits are wearable fitness trackers designed to help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise. Depending on which model you go for they count your steps, calories burnt and how well you sleep, amongst other things, allowing you to set daily goals and compete in challenges along the way. The devices link up to an app on your phone, where you can choose the statistics and details you actually want to see and hide any features you don't want to see.

Fitbit Charge 2 Plum Blog Review

The Fitbit Charge 2 has a huge array of features: step counting, distance travelled, active minutes, flights of stairs climbed. It has a heart rate monitor and SmartTrack, that automatically detects when you are doing exercise. It also has a feature called 'Guided Breathing Sessions' designed to help you to calm down and lower your heart rate to a healthy level. On the tracker itself you can view your stats by pressing the button or tapping the device, allowing you to scroll through a customised menu of all the statistics you want to see. To see a detailed breakdown of your statistics and to view the data the tracker collects on your sleep cycle, you can use the Fitbit App.

One of my favourite things about owning a Fitbit is the fact that it allows you to connect with friends who also have a Fitbit, letting you challenge each other to compete in getting the highest number of steps. Using the app you can follow one another's progress and send each other messages along the way, which I just love! I have competitions with my work colleagues almost every week and it's really good fun.

Fitbit Charge 2 Plum Blog Review

A real plus is the fact that you can set up reminders to move on the Fitbit Charge 2, so that the device vibrates a little to remind you to move and get at least 250 steps an hour. I have a desk job, so I love this feature as it reminds me to take a moment away from my desk to rest my eyes and also to keep active! You can also set it up to vibrate when you get a phone call and to view text messages on the tracker when they come through. This feature has been so useful for me as I often keep my phone on silent, but having the tracker alerting me of calls has meant I no longer miss them.

Personally, there are a few features I choose not to use, such as the breathing sessions and the water and food tracker, but I can see how these features would be great for anyone actively trying to lose weight.

Both the device and the app are super easy to use and are really customisable depending on what you want to get out of the Fitbit. Personally I purchased one as I felt like I wasn't active enough during the week, often only walking anywhere of distance at the weekends. Since owning one I have become so much more active and I find myself wanting to beat the goals that I have set for myself for each day. For that reason alone I would recommend the Charge 2 to anybody.

Thankfully, Fitbit have really worked on improving the build quality of their devices since I bought my first original Charge. The wristband has a buckle fastener as opposed to the old 'press stud' mechanism and the straps are actually interchangeable now. You can get a huge range of stylish straps and accessories for the Charge 2- I have my eye on the blush pink leather band! The battery life is brilliant too; I find that one full charge usually lasts me around 6 days.

Thi Fitbit Charge 2 usually retails at around £129.99, which might seem a little steep, but I can't imagine not having one now. The difference it has helped me to make to my lifestyle is amazing, I feel a little lost if I ever forgot to put it on now!

What do you think to fitness trackers? Have you tried the Fitbit Charge 2?

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