The £4 Mini Acrylic Make-Up Storage from Tiger

Sunday, 26 March 2017 18:52

Tiger Acrylic Make-up Storage

Tiger is one of those shops that I could get lost in for days. They have seemed to pop up all over the country in the last couple of years and I love the random mix of (mostly!) useful objects they sell, from quirky stationery to toys you never knew you needed. For Christmas my lovely husband surprised me with this neat little acrylic cosmetics storage stand after he spotted it on a shopping trip in Nottingham, remembering that I'd mentioned I'd love something like this a while ago.

It isn't the biggest storage solution, but personally I love it for displaying my favourite lipsticks and make-up items on top of my dressing table. I also like to keep the pieces from my make-up collection that I use everyday close at hand and this piece of kit is perfect for that.

It has space for 6 lipsticks and it has 2 larger slots at the back, with a larger compartment to the left that I use for my Sleek highlighting kit and my foundation. The back slots are great for taller items such as mascara or concealer.

The best thing about this stand is the price- this is just £4! Tiger also sell a larger acrylic storage system with drawers for £8, that I definitely have my eye on. There was also a smaller stand more for lipsticks for £3. You could even buy a few and put them together if you had a larger collection you'd like to keep out on show!

Tiger Acrylic Make-up Storage

What do you think? Have you found any hidden treasures in Tiger recently too?

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